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Dior Dress

Dior Dress

When you work at the Dior Dress collection is very important for me to look to the past, if you know very well your pasta, you can understand more your present and probably with creativity. You can work to propose a new future that’s.

The job of creativity, people for this season, I would like to discover much more about a figure that is less well known, that Christian we are, that is the was our sister Catherine Dior. She was really brave women because during the second world, she was part of the resistance and when she came back, she started again to work in what it was a fashion in the garden and flowers in the mood board at the center.

That is Kathleen the or inside our garden in one where Christian Dior in Catalan went after the mother died, and they start their two plants rose and to start their business in Rosalie flower. I think that Katherine was a really feminist women.

Feminism means that you choose for yourself that you can realize yourself, like you desire. That is important message for all the women to believe in yourself and to think about your future. So the idea was to explore the garden, but in contemporary way – and especially in this moment where we are involved in what’s happening in our world, I think sustainability is something really important now, but also, I think that everybody has to make our Work a little part for sustainability in the future and as to be closer also with the the DNA of the brand.

If you are a popular brand, when you create something, the idea is to create something that is timeless. So you don’t use only for one season, but you want to maintain your water of a long time. In my team we are about 240 people, we have first meeting with the team of Malaga.

We talk about drawings and exactly what she wants, and, after going back to explain to my team, every two S’s and to organize all the drawings with with video mapping. Pascal Koopa suit, Jodie Padres own responsible.

Do not endemic Anisha patapata proof! No keyboard reason: Aviara filter. My colleagues, John Solomon, well, Olivia Luton was very cocky. This model in Villa Badri, a platform on Teletoon a space via rockets, mmm normally for his kind of embroidery.

We use tool, and that is a less difficult, but we would like, for this collection, really maintain the lightness, because that’s, for me, is another value because to embroidery on top of mash is completely different.

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The idea is that she’s in some way modern Katerina or we choose the material that are more natural, like silk, Sauvage straw. To give this idea of women gardener, I’m Nicolas from a local team and landscape architect and we have been doing the landscape design of the sets.

We have 163. You know everyone say yeah. We want to do something for climate change, but everyone say well what can we do? Really? We say plant plant and plant plant, your garden plant, your CD plant, your planet and we will be whole better and that’s.

The message of Mario Garza, let’s, hug the set for that collection is important project for me, probably the most important part of the work that I did for the collection, because it’s, a collaboration with colla foe.

I asked them to make a dis collaboration with your because all the plants that they select for the show we are really happy that, after the use Ford, a project and they plant in the plants in a three different part of Paris

This is my look for this show the first time I saw it. I was really happy actually because, like I wished for a long dress like I just walked in there and she like that’s. It you’re done and then then it was like okay, that was fast and you she knew that it was like made for me in a kind of way, and I appreciate that a lot hi, my name is Peter Phillips.

Have you backstitch at the owner and I’m the creative director for makeup, so at the or today we’re, going for a look which is actually inspired on Maria Gladius vision. So I use only four five products to show us that you can do an action.

Catwalk group in a very minimalistic way: So this is mouth I got: ta go in the lineup and the show’s, gonna start and some minutes so I’m very happy because it was a very intense project.

All the Dior Dress collaboration was very spiring, but at the same time, they’re in tents and all the time. You are worried too, that never think work but now is finished, so I feel very moving.

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Gucci UK

Gucci UK

Gucci UK is one of the most popular luxury brands of 2020, well ahead of all its competitors. The popularity of the brand is slightly declining in 2020, however they are such an established brand with a good image all round, whithout paying super high bucks as compares with some of the more esclusive Italian Designer Brands

This is partially due to an exceptional run for the Italian fashion brand over the previous years. Affluent millennials love the edgy design of the brand. The Italian luxury manufacturer maintains a particularly strong presence in the designer sneakers market.

But other premium brands also started to catch up with Gucci in 2020. Balenciaga, Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Fendi, in particular, are all seeing their share of online popularity growing over the same period.

That said, Gucci continues to reign king on the luxury market. Social media mentions for the brand across all digital platforms dwarfed all the other luxury fashion brands worldwide. The brand is a talking point and mentioned more than 11 millions times online and Social Media

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